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Business Focus

KuneMoya focuses on providing support and development services to Communities that are beneficiaries of Land Restitution and Redistribution.
The business philosophy of KuneMoya, and one of our core beliefs, is that communities should be empowered and trained in the sustainable ownership and management of their land and associated business developments. To this end, we enter into Joint Ventures with local communities to enable them to develop, own and run sustainable business ventures with no capital outlay required from the community.
Development projects are fully researched and planned, enabling us to offer sound investment opportunities to serious investors.
KuneMoya firmly believes that sustainable and viable income generating projects are essential to ensure the success of Joint Ventures and consequent benefits for all stakeholders.

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General Strategy

KuneMoya’s general strategy is based on the following:
  1. An exploratory meeting is held between the relevant Community, KuneMoya and appropriate stakeholders.
  2. At our cost, we undertake an initial business feasibility study for the proposed project, produce a basic Business Plan and discuss our recommendations with the relevant stakeholders and selected investors.
  3. Following acceptance by the Community of the basic business proposition, full business plans are produced and due diligence is undertaken.
  4. The appropriate Joint Venture and Shareholders Agreements are set up.
  5. Development, Training and Operations commence.
    KuneMoya ensures that the necessary skills transfer to enable day to day operation of the facility are put in place. Our approach is to work with the local community to identify, train, mentor and guide suitable members of the local community so that they become proficient in all aspects of the business.
  6. We oversee operations for an agreed period before transferring the functional and sustainable business concern to the enabled local community.
    The JV then becomes wholly-owned by the local community.
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Dilokwaneng waterhole

Expertise and Experience

Through its partners and associates KuneMoya can leverage experience in many fields e.g.:
  • Game Ranch ownership and management
  • Agriculture: game, livestock, poultry and crop farming
  • Sports Club management and marketing.
  • Conservation areas management
  • General tourism and charter management
  • Lodge ownership and management
  • Business Planning
  • Projects Management
  • Town Planning
  • Building and Construction.
  • Solar energy installations
  • General management and marketing.
  • I.T Network development and support
  • I.T System development and support.
  • Internet Service Provider and support.
KuneMoya is a registered DEAT and LARP services provider

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Company Details
(Registered DEAT and LARP service providers.)

KuneMoya Investments (reg # 2001/035429/23)
KMI is a 40%-black-owned marketing and investment organization, representing serious investors and companies in South Africa that specialize in, and are involved in, property development, sports club management and tourist destination opportunities. We focus on developments relating to communities who are beneficiaries of Land Restitution and Redistribution.

KuneMoya Consulting (reg # 2008/191496/23)
KMC is a 43%-black-owned consulting, mentoring, training and project management organization specializing in community empowerment and focusing on support services for communities who are beneficiaries of Land Restitution and Redistribution. KMC is in the unique position of being able to draw on the expertise of various sector specialists in order to assist communities in the planning, implementation and operation of sustainable land-use projects related to the tourism, farming, property and leisure industries. The Company was formed with the objective to advise and assist land claimants in the sustainable operation of restituted land. Fields of expertise include: Agriculture, conservation, business planning, project management, town planning, tourism etc.

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Services Offered

Claimant Communities
  • Land claim advice
  • Land-use recommendations and planning
  • Business feasibility studies
  • Business Plans
  • Project Management
  • Property and Business development
  • Consulting services
  • Mentoring and Training
  • General Management, Marketing and Sales
Investors: We offer sound investment opportunities related to:
  • Tourism facilities
  • Agriculture (game, livestock, crop)
  • Property development
  • Leisure activities
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"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day - teach him how to fish and feed him for life"

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